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  • Edmund Dantès Camacho was educated in Manila at the Our Lady of the Angels Franciscan Seminary and at Maryhill School of Theology, where he earned his degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies and in Theology respectively.


  • by Edmund Camacho

    In the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition, Teresa de Jesús, a controversial Carmelite nun, illuminated the Church with the story of her amazing life.

    I, Teresa is a paraphrased and simplified version of Saint Teresa of Ávila’s masterpiece, Libro de la vida (Book of My Life). It highlights the agonies and the ecstasies of one of Catholicism’s exceptional and greatest women.

    Published by Experimental Productions. 2013. English. 212 pages. Paperback.

    Buy I, Teresa HERE.


    Francesco had everything going for him, but his life had no direction. So he left his home, gave up his wealth, and became poor and in need. For he heard Jesus’ voice, and he became determined to make His Gospel a practical reality by observing it literally and to the letter.

    The Last Christian: The Story of Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, 1182-1226 is a clear-cut and spirited biography of Saint Francis of Assisi for young and old alike.

    Published by Experimental Productions. 2011. English. 338 pages. Paperback.

    Buy The Last Christian: The Story of Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, 1182-1226 HERE.


    At thirteen she heard the voices of angels and saints. At seventeen she led one of the greatest battles in history. At nineteen she was burned at the stake. The world had seen nothing like her since Jesus Christ.

    La Pucelle is a straightforward narration of the passion of Saint Joan of Arc. The account is drawn from the transcripts of the trial for her condemnation and the trial for her rehabilitation.

    Published by Experimental Productions. 2008. English and French. 204 pages. Paperback.

    Buy La Pucelle HERE.


    One spring afternoon, almost two thousand years ago, a young man was summarily executed as a political insurgent by the occupation government. And nothing was ever the same again . . .

    Based on biblical and various extra-biblical sources and presented, as much as possible, from the Jewish point of view, Yahushua‘ is a retelling of the greatest story ever told—the story of the man whom the world calls Jesus.

    Published by Experimental Productions. 2007. English, Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Greek and Latin. 242 pages. Paperback.

    Buy Yahushua‘ HERE.

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